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Mesa Regal Captains for 2019/2020

1.0 MR Captain Dale Brooks 480-981-0663
1.5 MR1 Ladies' Captain Sue  Berry 807-627-0774
1.5 MR2 Ladies' Captain Karen Stoesz 204-771-3624
1.5 MR Men's Captain Gary Nault 619-538-2031
2.0 MR1 Ladies' Captain Sandy Johnson 480-277-3430
2.0 MR1 Men's Captain Bruce Johnson 480-277-3430
2.0 MR2 Ladies' Captain Rose Forrest 306-730-6664
2.0 MR2 Men's Captain Abano Lima 218-298-1330
2.5 Ladies' Captain Carol Robb 403-556-3718
2.5 Men's Captain Jerry Johnson 217-899-6154
3.0 Ladies' Captain Peggy Hoolsema 604-318-3892
3.0 Men's Captain Gerald Opyke 706-302-2741
  Ron Hoolsema 604-318-3892
3.5 Ladies' Captain Mary Ann Harding 907-299-3658
3.5 Men;s Captain Norm Lagace 480-326-5423
4.0 Ladies' Captain Mary Eggleston 952-953-0122
  Susan Carrigan 778-387-3950
4.0 Men's Captain Vince Novick 630-719-1208

Tencap Rating Chart

There have been requests to see the Tencap Rating Chart. The following link will take you to the chart that details the tencap rating for each level of play.

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[YEAR] [MO/MO] [CLUB NAME] [SGLS/DBLS] League 11/01/2018 3/31/2019
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