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How will a BAD MATCH affect my rating?

There is still a great deal of misunderstanding about what happens to a rating when a player has a bad match.  First of all, we all have bad matches and that is part of the game.  It always has been.  But let’s show an example of what the system does in subsequent matches after a person has a “bad match”.

Assume a person plays like a 45 rating, but a very bad match takes them to a 50 rating.
And let’s also assume the next match is against a team that is also rated at 45.

For the player rated at 50, the system expects much less from them than it does if they are rated 45.  It expects a result of approximately 4-6 and 3-6 or a 5 game difference.  Assuming the player actually plays like a 45 the final score will be 6-6  and 6-6 or no game difference.  That means the system will improve the rating for the person with a rating of 50  and move them a point or two back toward their actual playing ability.

BUT, if that person has a rating artificially set back to 45 after that bad match, then the system would expect the player to win at least as many games as the opposition.  So a 6-6  6-6 score would net the player ZERO movement.  And if they lost by a few games, their rating would get worse.

The system always moves the player toward their actual playing ability.  Resetting a rating after a bad match was never done in the old EVSTL system. It is not done in the USTA system and it really isn’t necessary in the Tencap system.  In the example above, a player can move back to their actual playing ability in just a few matches.

It works the opposite way as well.  If your opponent has a very bad day and you gain a “windfall” of a rating improvement, the system will move you back toward your actual playing ability and you will find your rating will get there much faster than you desire.

Team Captains: Adding temporary (Substitute) players to TenCap Roster

To: All Team Captains

Captain Procedures states:

6. Captains should designate borrowed players or play-up players as “substitutes” on the roster, and remove the “substitutes” following the match to maintain the team roster as accurate as possible unless certain players have the opportunity to play up often.

Please designate them as "substitutes" and not "player"

Ben Wilford
EVSTL Scheduler

Captain to Captain(s) Requesting Opportunity Match Support

Julie's request to use the OM's to increase the number of your players who get a match each week pertains to all levels, not just 2.5.

I want to reiterate the importance of utilizing Opportunity Matches this season.

·       Due to the fact that there are only nine 2.5 ladies on my team, Leisure World is going from two 2.5 teams to one.  As a result, I have a lot of guys on my team (18) who are very concerned about getting to play during the upcoming season.  

·       Whether your team has a large or small number of men or ladies compared to your opponents, the Opportunity Match spreadsheet will ensure that we get as many players playing each week as possible.  

·       The Opportunity Match spreadsheet serves a dual purpose - Captains can enter pairs of extra players or enter requests to fill lines for league play. I am planning on playing 6 courts for 2 rounds for home matches in order to get as many of my guys playing as possible.  We will be utilizing extra mens teams entered on the OM spreadsheet in order to fill these courts, and extra ladies teams in order to match your numbers.  

·       I will also be entering my extra players on the OM spreadsheet when we are away and the opposing captain doesn't have courts or players to match my numbers.  

·       I know that some of you utilized Opportunity Matches to get extra players on the courts last season, but I believe we can get a lot more playing this season.

·       If you have any questions on the OM spreadsheet, Gene Rhinehart is the OM Coordinator for the 2.5's and he is eager to see a lot of teams entered as well as requests for players entered, to fill league matches on our OM spreadsheet.  

·       He will first fulfill needs for league matches and then set up Opportunity Matches with the remaining teams.  He acts as the captain for the 2.5 OM's and enters duels into Tencap and records scores.

·       I hope that you will join me in the effort to get as many players on the courts on league day as possible.  It is a little extra work, but this ensures that few players sit out each week.


Thank you in advance!

Julie Post

LW1 2.5 Team Captain

Having Trouble Logging into your Tencap Account?

Are you having trouble logging into your Tencap account? 

There are a few basics and they are very simple:
  • Be sure you are using the EVSTL site to log in.  It is:  EVSTL.Tencapsports.com 
  • Your Log in ID is normally your email address.
  • If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgot Your Password" feature on the Log In page and Tencap will email it to the email address on file.
  • If the email address in Tencap is incorrect:
    • Log into your account and use the "edit profile" and "Contact Information" and change it.  
    • If you can't log into your account because the system will only send your password to an incorrect email address then contact your club Tencap coordinator with the correct email address.  They will get it corrected for you.
    • An incorrect email will NOT stop you from logging into your account if you still have the password.
  • If you already have a Tencap account, DO NOT TRY TO SET UP ANOTHER ACCOUNT.  If you set up another account, that will tie up your email address and you will not be able to use that email address on your EVSTL account.  It is a case of causing DOUBLE TROUBLE.

New Tencap Captains' Training Outline

Guide to Tencap

Ivan Tomkins has written a wonderful guide to that may help many EVSTL members better understand how to use their computer for Tencap.  It is titled, "I Love Tennis but Computers Scare Me".  It is as informative as it is entertaining and we recommend it highly.

You can read it online here: 

Finding the 2015 / 2016 season league information

Many people seem to think that the history has disappeared for the 2015 / 2016 league season now that it is over.  Please be assured that it is still in place.

When you are viewing the "My Dashboard" screen, click on the "Find an Event" box.  You will see both last season and next season league events.  Click on last seasons event and you will be taken to the screen with all the divisions (levels).  From there you can find all of last season's matches.

Tips for EVSTL Members

Having trouble finding your way back to the EVSTL Tencap site?  There is now a link on the EVSTL main site that will bring you to the Tencap Log in directly.

To sign out of Tencap, look for an upside down triangle after your name at the top of your screen, click it and a "sign out" options appears.

To change your password, click on that same upside down triangle and select "edit profile".  About half way down the next screen on the left you will see a tab called "User Name and Password".  Click on it.  Your log in ID (normally your email address) will be filled in.  Enter a new password in the boxes provided and "Save".

The EVSTL has decided for this season to record league matches only.  Please don't enter any casual match scores.

Tips for Captains

Captains Practice

Captains Instructions Tencap Match Play Log

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